Harriet Tubman and the Eastern Shore of Maryland

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<em>Fields on the Former Anthony Thompson Plantation at Peter's Neck, Madison, Dorchester County, Maryland</em>
Fields on the former Anthony Thompson Plantation, at Peter's Neck, Madison, Dorchester County, Maryland. Slaveowner Anthony Thompson, owned Ben Ross, Tubman’s father and she born on the Thompson Plantation.

<em>Bucktown Village Store</em>
Bucktown Village Store, which has been renovated, is the site where Tubman was struck in the head with an iron, leaving her permanently disabled.

<em>Joseph Stewart's Canal</em> (near Taylors Island, MD)<em><br /></em>
Between 1810 to 1832, enslaved and free blacks dug a seven-mile canal through the marshes of Parson’s Creek near the town of Madison, MD. The canal, used for commercial transportation, was owned by the slaveholding Stewart family, who had hired-out…
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