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  • Collection: Harriet Tubman and the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Brodess Plantation

Brodess plantation.jpg
Photograph of the fields of the former EdwardBrodess Plantation near Bucktown, Maryland. Between 1823-24, Edward Brodess moved to his own property near Bucktown, Maryland, bringing with him Tubman's mother and their children, separating them from…

Harriet Tubman Highway Marker

Marker text: Harriett Tubman 1820-1913 The "Moses of her People," Harriett Tubman of the Bucktown District found freedom from herself and some three hundred other slaves who she led North. In the Civil War she served the Union Army as a nurse,…

Joseph Stewart's Canal (near Taylors Island, MD)

Between 1810 to 1832, enslaved and free blacks dug a seven-mile canal through the marshes of Parson’s Creek near the town of Madison, MD. The canal, used for commercial transportation, was owned by the slaveholding Stewart family, who had hired-out…

Bucktown Village Store

Bucktown Village Store, which has been renovated, is the site where Tubman was struck in the head with an iron, leaving her permanently disabled.

Fields on the Former Anthony Thompson Plantation at Peter's Neck, Madison, Dorchester County, Maryland

Thompson Plantation.png
Fields on the former Anthony Thompson Plantation, at Peter's Neck, Madison, Dorchester County, Maryland. Slaveowner Anthony Thompson, owned Ben Ross, Tubman’s father and she born on the Thompson Plantation.