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Harriet Tubman's Likely Birth Record

A document showing that Anthony Thompson paid $2 to a midwife for Rit, Tubman's mother, on March 15, 1822. This date coincides with Tubman’s likely birth date.

Brodess Plantation

Brodess plantation.jpg
Photograph of the fields of the former EdwardBrodess Plantation near Bucktown, Maryland. Between 1823-24, Edward Brodess moved to his own property near Bucktown, Maryland, bringing with him Tubman's mother and their children, separating them from…

General Affidavit of Harriet Tubman Davis regarding payment for services rendered during the Civil War

Although Tubman received a pension as the widow of Union Army veteran Nelson Davis who had served as a private in the Eight United States Colored Infantry, she did not receive a pension for her own work for the Union Army. Tubman petitioned Congress…

Harriet Tubman Tombstone, Fort Hill Cemetery, (Auburn, NY)

Harriet Tubman's tombstone was erected in 1937 by the Empire State Federation of Women's Clubs. The inscription on the front reads: "Harriet Tubman Davis (1820–1913)" on the front. The back of the tombstone features an inscription noting Tubman's…

Thompson African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (Auburn, NY)

AME_Zion Church_Auburn.jpg
"The congregation of the Thompson Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Auburn formed an important community of support for Harriet Tubman. She helped fund the building of a new Church for the growing congregation and worshipped there…

Joseph Stewart's Canal (near Taylors Island, MD)

Between 1810 to 1832, enslaved and free blacks dug a seven-mile canal through the marshes of Parson’s Creek near the town of Madison, MD. The canal, used for commercial transportation, was owned by the slaveholding Stewart family, who had hired-out…

Bucktown Village Store

Bucktown Village Store, which has been renovated, is the site where Tubman was struck in the head with an iron, leaving her permanently disabled.

Anthony Thompson's List of Slaves

Thompson Slave List.jpg
Anthony Thompson's List of slaves. Ben Ross, Tubman’s father is first name on the list.

Fugitive Slave Bill

Text of Fugitive Slave Bill (Fugitive Slave Act), "as penned by the Senate and House of Representatives, Sept. 12, 1850, and approved Sept. 18, 1850 by President Fillmore." At end: "The Black List," list of representatives from free states who voted…


Harriet Tubman

This portrait of Harriet Tubman is from the Wilbur H. Siebert Underground Railroad collection at the Ohio History Connection.