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Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaque (Auburn, NY)

Bronze plaque with a portrait of Harriet Tubman based on a 1890s photograph.

Harriet Tubman

This portrait of Harriet Tubman is from the Wilbur H. Siebert Underground Railroad collection at the Ohio History Connection.

Harriet Tubman Statue (St. Catharines, Ontario)

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Portrait sculpture of Harriet Tubman, seated in a chair and holding a book in her hand.

Harriet Tubman Bust (St. Catharines, Ontario)

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Half bust portrait of Harriet Tubman.

2nd South Carolina Infantry Regiment raid on rice plantation, Combahee, South Carolina, and escaped slave named Gordon

Top illustration shows slaves escaping to a Union ship as buildings burn in the distance. Three bottom illustrations show an escaped slave in tattered clothing upon his crossing of Union lines, welts from being whipped upon his back, and in uniform…

Fugitive Slave Bill

Text of Fugitive Slave Bill (Fugitive Slave Act), "as penned by the Senate and House of Representatives, Sept. 12, 1850, and approved Sept. 18, 1850 by President Fillmore." At end: "The Black List," list of representatives from free states who voted…


Twenty-eight fugitives escaping from the Eastern Shore of Maryland

A wood engraving of fugitive slaves in Maryland from William Still's The Underground Railroad: a record of facts, authentic narratives, letters, &c., page 102.

“Underground” Routes to Canada, Showing the Lines of Travel

Scale ca. 1:12, 500,000. Map showing the lines of the Underground Railroad in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. Includes an inset map of Lancaster and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania.

Underground Railroad, Routes of the Fugitive Slave to Canada. Adapted from W. H. Siebert map. History of the State of New York, edited by A.C. Flick

Map of New York with known and probable routes on the Underground Railroad. Includes major cities in New York and cities in Canada on Lake Ontario.

The Underground Railroad

Map of the Eastern part of the United States with free states, slave states, and territories. Arrows show major avenues of escape. Widths of arrows indicate relative numbers of runaway slaves.