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  • Renée Ater

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<i>Map of part of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware from the best authorities</i>
Scale ca. 1:400,000. Map of part of eastern Virginia, eastern Maryland, and Delaware. Includes creeks and rivers, counties, villages, towns and major cities, (Richmond, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Wilmington), and major railroad lines. Forts Corcoran,…

<i>New railroad map of the state of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia, Compiled and Drawn by Frank Arnold Gray</i>
Scale 1:633,600. Map of Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia that shows drainage, canals, stations, cities and towns, counties, canals, roads completed, narrow gauge and proposed railroads with names of lines. Includes list of railroads.

<i>The Underground Railroad</i>
Map of the Eastern part of the United States with free states, slave states, and territories. Arrows show major avenues of escape. Widths of arrows indicate relative numbers of runaway slaves.
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