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Araminta With Rifle and Veve (Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ)

A monumental outdoor figure of Harriet Tubman armed with a long rifle and further fortified with a bronze-colored patina. Tubman stands on numerous quilts.

Graffiti Harriet (Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ)

A monumental sculpture of Harriet Tubman made of soil, clay, and straw, is scrawled with the words from Frederick Douglass. The sculpture is made from perishable materials, meant to dissolve over the winter. Scott designed the sculpture so that…

Harriet Ross Tubman Memorial (Bristol, PA)

Single figure of Harriet Tubman, wearing a coat, haversack slung over her right shoulder, and a pistol at her waist. Tubman points her right hand toward the sky, symbolic of the “North Star.” Signed by the artist: James L. Gafgen, 2005. Foundry…

Harriet Tubman Bust (St. Catharines, Ontario)

2019-09-29 16.41.22.jpg
Half bust portrait of Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman Memorial Plaque (Auburn, NY)

Bronze plaque with a portrait of Harriet Tubman based on a 1890s photograph.

Harriet Tubman Statue (St. Catharines, Ontario)

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Portrait sculpture of Harriet Tubman, seated in a chair and holding a book in her hand.

Harriet Tubman (Salisbury University, MD)

Harriet Tubman wears a nineteenth-century inspired dress. On her left shoulder sits a saw-whet owl, at her right foot rests a rabbit. She extends her right arm into the air, perpendicular to her body. Ten seashells are sculpted into the base of the…

Step on Board: Harriet Tubman Memorial (Boston, MA)

A high relief sculpture with Harriet Tubman and six figures: three women, two men, and a baby. All figures are clothed in nineteenth-century dress. Wearing a dress, shawl, and head wrap, Tubman strides forward, gesturing with her left hand and…

Underground Railroad Memorial (Battle Creek, MI)

A multi figure statue that includes portraits of Erastus and Sarah Hussey, abolitionists and Underground Railroad conductors in southern Michigan as well as an image of Harriet Tubman.

Unwavering Courage in the Pursuit of Freedom (Wilimington, DE)

A multi-figure sculpture of Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett leading two fugitive enslaved persons, a semi-nude man, and completely clothed woman, to freedom along the Underground Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware. Tubman carries a baby in her arms…